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Why Islam Will Never Take Over The West

Islam is not supposed to dominate, but set free through submission to the truth.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | May 5, 2018 | 22 minute read

This is a post that grew out of a response to a Muslim who contacted me lamenting my "misunderstanding" of Islam with my post last week where I reviewed Tommy Robinson's book Enemy Of The State. He tried to point out that a) I am being misled about true Islam and succumbing to fear and b) Islam taking over The West will save it from itself.

Before I even begin...

I respect Islam, Muslims and their Prophet(PBUH).

I do, which will be made crystal clear in this post.

What I will not do is let this current version of Islam and Muslims off the hook.

The following was the beginning of a reply to this Muslim brother, but it is long enough, and important enough I think, to make a public discusion topic. He is and will be kept anonymous. I bear him no ill will and I hope he can see, or is willing to at least consider and reflect upon, why Islam is failing in Europe and why it's "inevitable" conquest of The West is... premature.

Dear Brother,

I'm not "misunderstanding" Saudi/Wahhabi Sunni Islam.

This is Islam today in Europe. It is the $$$ behind mosques, dawa etc, from Saudi Arabia to Turkey. You can't disprove it. Facts are facts. Show me the true Muslims marching en masse in the streets in protest and denounciation of Saudi/Wahhabi 'Sunni' Muslims who are of no power in the majority, as you say, and that I need not fear them. You can't. There are none.

"They [Saudi/Wahhabis] are only noisy."

Noisy? As in raping, murdering, beheading "noisy?"

Sufis are not being "noisy." Shia Iran's only noise is the sound of gunfire fighting ISIS and Saudi Arabia in Syria and Yemen. Are Shia Muslims or are they not? What about Sufis? Last time I checked they are all heretics, innovators and apostates to Islam according to Wahhabism.

Can you see why I no longer trust this kind of logic from Muslims? What kind of logic is "they are only noisy" for a counterargument to, well, ISIS if we want to call a spade a spade? I guess the outright murder and attempted beheading of Lee Rigby, in the HEART of London in the United Kingdom, her majesty's Britannia, was just "noise" I am supposed to ignore as not being the majority or the real power of Islam in Europe.

They [Saudi/Wahhabis] are violent, so they are impactful. But they are only a guerilla which unfortunately makes people go away from Islam instead of calling people towards it.

Freudian slip of the truth? It always, always comes out in the end.

I'm very concerned that you seem to so shallowly dismiss that it is "just violence" - i.e. running innocent civilians down with motor vehicles in broad daylight - as being an "unfortunate" cause of people turning away from Islam. Get out of your own world view for a moment and reverse that statement.

"Evangelical Christians are violent [beheading/killing/raping Muslims], so they are impactful [i.e. getting Muslims to fear Christians want to kill them]. But they are only a guerilla which unfortunately makes people go away from Christianity instead of calling people towards it.

All I am trying to do... is wake you up to the reality of what western people are seeing and believing about Muslims and Islam in Europe. This is not how you make friends and allies.

While I have always clearly and loudly proclaimed that ISIS jihadi terror is state (i.e. globalist) sponsored, the casual acceptance of such "noisy" acts by most Muslims (i.e. this is just what Islam and Muslims are like) is appalling to a westerner. But then again, that's because The West got rid of religious violence in the name of God centuries ago, just in case you did not notice.

"Noisy" Saudi/Wahhabi/ISIS Muslims are a guerilla... army? As in soldiers? As in jihadists, the military wing of Islam? The warriors for Allah who who get their hands dirty fighting a guerilla war of terror and violence to impose Islam on the kufar by force. Why did you use that word with the patently obvious connection to foreign insurrection and rebelion within a sovereign state by rebel outsiders?

Remember how Jerusalem was when it was under true Islamic governance ? Remember how jews and christians lived under the early Caliphates? Remember how the lived under the rule of the Prophet Peace and Blesssing be upon Him ?

For arguments sake, I will accept "the good rule of Islam" in Jerusalem under the Golden Age Caliphate. The problem is... Genghis Khan. He destroyed it... utterly. Even Saddam said as much decrying the sad state of Iraq as still suffering from that horror on the original and first Islamic empire before it became Ottoman and of a much different character and modus vivendi. The Golden Horde killed all the first generations of Islamic thinkers and philosophers of the Golden Age - the books, the Ulama, everything.

But what did it matter?

Wahhabism and the Salafi movement came along and said all of that Golden Age speculation and investigation - kalam - was haram & innovation. Thus inspiring the return of 'correct' Islam to a literal 7th century interpretation of the entirety of the Quran and a false elevation of Sunna and the Prophet(PBUH) as a model on par with worship of Christ. When you have Muslims who dispute about foot placement in prayer, or how to use the finger "like the Prophet(PBUH)"... you have turned your Messenger into an idol.

That idol is a version of 'Islam' that now dominates Saudi Arabia and the majority of Sunni Muslims in Europe and the umma at large.

A version of 'Islam' that has been exported from Saudi Arabia to Europe and the world. A complete perversion and corruption of the blessed message of The Prophet Muhammed(PBUH).

Saudi Arabia... is the source of this dominance stance, the militant stance of the "noisy" Wahhabis.

"This is the dominance which we seek. This is the dominance which we true Muslims seek, and this is the dominance which will prevail."

Hmmm. No reason for me to worry with that kind of wording now is there? What happened to calling people to Islam? To the dawa of rational argument? To the power of truth being clear from error? To no compulsion in religion?

Islam is LOSING The West... because its arguments by 'Muslims' are not well articulated (vans running over people) nor are they impactful (unless you are in a van of course) which is why the guerilla Saudi/Wahhabi/ISIS army of terror (rape, murder, theft, gangs, drugs) is also used (Read Tommy Robinsons Enemy Of The State to know this is true). None of this have you denounced when I brought it up and you are invited to do so at any time in clear and explicit terms.

Tommy Robinson is ONE man. One Anglo-Saxon Brit bloke. And he is single handedly trouncing the argument for Islam in every encounter in the UK.

Which is sad because what that says is just how pathetic the intellectual Ulama is in today's stunted, Wahhabi, literal Islam. I could argue the truth of Islam better than most 'Muslims' today I suspect.

You, along with Christians, will not be dominated under our rule. You will actually be honored, esteemed, and will find that we bring with Islam the importance of Christianity too.

Honored and esteemed... as long as we pay jizyah of course. As long as Islam dominates us and we bow to its rulers and laws. You used the word dominance - to lord over, to rule over - three times above, but then argue that Christian Europe will not be dominated under Muslim rule? Which is it my brother? Am I confused about what dominance means? Is this just unfamiliarity with English and precise definitions and meanings? There are also now very few Christians left in Europe. What happens to the kufar? The idolators, the atheists, the unbelievers under Muslim Saudi/Wahhabi/Sunni 'Muslim' rule?

I understand perfectly the respect given to People Of The Book by Islam but, that is NOT what is being demonstrated TODAY; i.e. the reality on the ground, in actions, by Wahhabi Islam/Muslims in Europe. This is why the argument for Islam is failing to win hearts and minds. 'Muslim' ACTIONS (rape, murder, theft, drugs, gangs)... are showing the TRUTH of 'Islam' and 'Muslims' today.

European immigrant 'Muslims' [Saudi/Wahhabi/'Sunni'] today are - I am being very specific - the worst ambassadors of Islam in its history.

The only time we [Muslims] make it to the news is when we blow something up!!! Or when we are in some kind of chaos or another?

This is... why wouldn't... look at it from the outside perspective [i.e. western peoples] "These people are crazy!!!"

Nouman Ali Khan - YouTube - Why is hate toward Islam growing? - 4:04

I am saying nothing more than what your own leaders are telling you about your behaviour, and thus your impression, on us unbelievers. My greatest fear... is Allah, and his judgement of the people who were supposed to be "the best example" to the world. I tremble in fact.

Islam does not need reformation nor abrogation, it needs better Muslims that will actually bring back our behaviour and our life to how Allah taught us.

So where are they, these better Muslims? It's the 21st century now, not 7th century Arabia. Muslims are some of the most active and observervant religious people in Europe today. That means your behaviour today... is an even more dire judgement of who Muslims are than when the message was first revealed in the 7th century. I believe if I could take a time machine back to Mecca in the 7th century and bring back real Muslims... they would declare war on the whole of the Muslim umma today to protect unbelievers from 'Muslims'!!!

This is what Tommy opened my eyes to. There are no "better Muslims" coming forth. The Muslims of today - In Europe, the Saudi/Wahhabi 'Sunnis' - ARE what Islam is. Period.

Violent guerilla or not, Saudi/Wahhabi Sunni 'Muslims' Is European Islam - today, right now.

Again... please note, I am being very specific in my criticism.

You don't see Sufis or Shias running down Europeans with rental vans in broad daylight, or beheading Christians and other Muslims in Syria. Can you explain this? What is true Islam if not Sufi and Shia? Even Alawite!

You can't wish it - Saudi Arabia Sunni/Wahhabi Islam - to be something it's not. Western people will judge you by your actions, not your words or declared intentions. That is all Tommy Robinson is doing; embarrassing Saudi Arabia Sunni/Wahhabi Islam and Saudi Arabia Sunni/Wahhabi Muslims as complete hypocrites of their own faith.

Will they hear the message?

Islam may be perfect in theory, but increasingly, Saudi Arabia Sunni/Wahhabi Muslims seem to think they are as well. Any criticism is thus an insult to Islam and the Prophet(PBUH). Death to the kufar!!! Am I wrong? And abrogation is a real issue. It is cemented in Islam's legal (i.e. Sharia) history and I see no Muslim protests in the street denouncing it.

When the time comes you will see that Islamic rules are beneficial to all mankind, including Christians, and real Men. It is not a threat to you.

When I see 'Muslims' turning in the ISIS nutbars to the authorities who are CLEARLY known to them in their communities - the racists, the rapists, the pedophile gangs, the drug pushers, the returning Syria head choppers - THEN I will believe Islam is not a threat and there are REAL Muslims in charge of their religion and community. It's not happening. I and many others are no longer waiting for "good Muslims" to do the right thing.

All Europe sees is an invasion (demographics & immigration), rapes, violent crime and a horrific disregard for human life & decency.

If you want to look at examples of corruption. If you want to look at the exact opposite of a civilized society, travel to the Muslim world. Much of it.

Hard for us to even be civilized in the parking lot of a Masjid for God's sake.

The worst kinds of... just basic... basic human decency, basic human decency... we don't posses.

ibid. 3:07 - Nouman Ali Khan absolutely unloading, in what Muslims call their church pulpit, on his on worshipper's behaviour and it's affect on the impressions of Islam and Muslims for westerners.

I know, I know, I know... only the minority violent guerilla Muslims, not "real" Muslims and the "peace" they will ask me to be dominated by.

I will tell you something. I am Muslim. I took Shahadah in 2013. I thought I found the truth, still do in many respects, but I will not be a part of a community that claims to be "the best" of peoples who refuse to acknowledge how far they have strayed from the path in clear error.

Saudi Arabia Sunni/Wahhabi Muslims... are openly raping kufar women, 100% innocent women who are simply trying to go about living their life. They are murdering the People Of The Book (only Christians and other Muslims in the majority oddly enough) in Syria and in Europe. This is fact. They are participating in every single horrific and inhuman crime in the legal code of The West. Even if it is just "some Muslims" who are "noisy," the silent majority are unwilling to rat their fellow 'Muslims' out because... that is also Muslim culture; to hide the faults and failures of fellow Muslims so as to not embarras the religion. It's too late. Waaaaaay to late.

Can you not see your inaction in correcting your fellow brothers IS why Europe is rejecting Islam?

Why I may soon reject Islam?

I am not Christian yet. I am still Muslim... submitted to the reality of God, of Allah, of my Creator and to whom is my eventual return.

I am committed to the truth, decency, respect and submission to the will of God.

Whatever He has planned for The West, and for Muslims and Islam, will be; and He is the best of planners.

You believe Islam's dominance of Europe and its people is inevitable. Have you a warrant from Allah to declare such a thing? You personally? Are you speaking for Allah and Islam? Are you a prophet now? I dare say no such thing!!!

Islam and Muslims are "taking over" The West due to the following facts:

  • massive Muslim immigration with no restrictions
  • kafir government support and advancement
  • kafir police protection
  • high Muslim birth rate
  • a generous kafir, and usury derived, welfare system of 100% free (i.e. no work) financial support
  • violence and terror
  • with some conversion by choice of locals

What happens when a European and nationalist movement takes power and Muslims LOSE their place of preference and protection?

When the border is slammed shut! When you lose your welfare. When you lose your police escorts and protection. When the army locks down the no-go zones and uses military force to subdue and arrest all known (and they are known) Islamic terrorists and inciters to racial hatred & violence? To the mandating of English as the language in mosques with armed presence IF... you want to keep worshipping in a European nation abiding by ITS laws and customs, as the Quran actually compells you to do in a foreign land?

If you are a Muslim in Europe who is not abiding by European law and custom... you are kafir, in complete denial and rejection of your own holy book's revelation and your Prophet's(PBUH) sunnah and teachings. And especially so if you do not denounce and stop the attacks on foreign governments and their people that is being committed by the "noisy" Wahhabi guerillas.

When Allah gathers the earlier and later generations on the Day of Resurrection, he will raise a banner for every treacherous person and it will be announced that this is the treachery of this person, the son of this person.

Source: Sahih Bukhari 5823, Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi


Muslims living in non-Muslim countries have to comply with laws and regulations of the country they have been entrusted though valid visas to enter. At the same time, they have to avoid whatever contradicts Islamic teachings. In case they are obliged by law to uphold something contrary to Islamic teachings, they have to adhere to the minimum that the law requires of them.

One of the best approaches for a Muslim living in these countries is patience. As long as he agrees to live in a non-Muslim country, he is never to rebel against the inhabitants of his choice of residence, even it seems too hard for him to endure. Source: Islamtoday.net - A site that is no longer online, curious no?

There is nothing in The West's legal code that commands a Muslim to go against Allah's commandments.

No western law forces you to eat pork, drink alcohol, smoke, listen to music, dance, go to movies, fornicate, commit adultery or any other hararm legal sharia ruling (to the best of my knowledge, and Allah knows best). You are limited to one wife under western law. There is no stipulation in the Quran you must, or are openly allowed with no conditions, marry more than one. In fact, the Quran commands Muslim men to prefer one wife and no more as it will be better for you both.

It is said that new Muslim converts know Islam better than those raised in the faith. If you have a refutation of the above links and quotes to Quran, Sunnah and apparent accepted legal Islamic interpretation of Sharia on Allah's divine command to Muslims to obey the laws of the non-Muslim lands he visits and CHOOSES to live in among kufar outside of Islam... you are free to do so.

But I digress.

What then of the dominance of Islam that "will prevail" in Europe and The West?

But you say this [European and western people taking back control of their governments to stop Islam and Muslims] will never happen. Muslims have The West's governments firmly in their pocket (because globalists) and will forever have state protection and financing. Demographics is the future, and it is Muslim.

Ok, but you have a window of a decade tops to ensure this happens.

Europeans STILL have the majority and we know how to organize and get shit done under conditions of complete oppression.

It was us, Europeans, who broke the Roman Empire. We "barbarians" who shattered the rule of tyrannical emperors and kings. With the coming of Christ, Europeans have 2000 years of resisting and overcoming anyone who tried to rule us without our consent. Just in case Muslims failed to notice this about our history as they scream "Allah hu akbar" at the "inevitable" conquest of Europe and The West. We are patient now, but we are waking up FAST thanks to those "noisy" guerilla Saudi/Wahhabi/Sunni Muslims who are not the majority and of no real power representing "real" Muslims!!!

If you think Islam is "inevitable" in Europe, all I say in response is "Allah knows best." If I had to hazard a guess...

Muslims will dominate the urban centres and capitals of Europe (London has fallen). They will inherit a system and civilization that is wholly corrupt and incompetent to its very core. All western currencies WILL collapse, thus making all that sweet, sweet, Euro-buck and British pound welfare WORTHLESS!!! What will Muslims do then? Why, they will look around for the people who keep The West running but... but where are they?

Where have all the European Christians gone during the collapse of The West?

Back to our roots. The country, the land, and our barbarian ways of... survival.

Do you think liberal/feminist/LGBT soy boys and girl-power women will leave the cities and capitals you now rule over for the soil, the toil, of harvest and livestock? Not in my lifetime. The countryside of Europe will re-populate with a European mono-culture and that is fact. As collapse accelerates, so too will the rejection of ALL THE SHIT that is feminism, liberalism and LGBT gender insanity. There will be ZERO tolerance of that bullshit by barbarians in the hills and fields of the countryside.

What will victorious Muslims be doing as the entirety of western civilization collapses around them?

Killing each other in tribal power struggles in the urban city capitals of Islamic "conquered" Europe.

Once the kufar are gone, you Muslims will turn on each other. It's what you do. THAT... is inevitable, by Allah I swear.

The bullwark of European civilization will survive in Eastern Europe. Islam will not break through. These will be the first European states to leave the EU because many of them (like Poland) still have and use their own currency.

Our women will return with their men to the countryside. They will give up the career and start pushing out babies. If you think Muslim women, on lazy welfare support, can give birth to make conquest of Europe, wait until you see what white girls, who know their survival depends on numbers and who still have hard work in their genes, are able to produce. Europe will change. Old nations may be lost, but new ones will rise and they won't be Muslim. Will they be Christian? I highly suspect they will be as I myself am moving toward Orthodoxy, but only, if it can make the better argument against Islam.

The truth is... there should be no disagreement between Muslims and Christians.

We are on the same side of truth, justice and peace. We both know who the real enemy to this way of life is.

I am no prophet, but I believe, God willing, the end of history will be thus.

The 2nd coming of Christ will not be literal. There will be no parting of the heavens, but there will be a parting of the ways with liberal, feminist and LGBT insanity. The original Church, the Orthodox, unchanged in over 1500 years, will be a beacon of light to a lost Europe and it's peoples. The Catholic church will return to the fold and there will be one, holy and Apostolic Church once more; as it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end. This... is the return of Christ, the true church and faith, the rock that Peter built.

Islam will not reform. It does not need to. But it will undergo the correct interpretation once again.

The satanic Saudi/Wahhabi nightmare that has infected Islam will be burnt out... literally.

Saudi Arabi will fall. Iran & Syria, along with Orthodox Russia, will clean up Islam, and that other People Of The Book. This is in accordance with both Christian and Muslim eschatology, the coming together of both faiths to end the reign of terror and lies that is Satan, Iblis, on the whole of the world.

The collapse of Europe will be the end of Islam in it. The Wahhabi Muslims, having all left the lands of Arabia with its conquest by Iran and Syria, will kill each other off in Europe in a massive internal Wahhabi religious war (as they are even now doing in Syria!). They will do this because they will refuse the correct interpretation of Islam now returned to the land of Islam and also refuse (and declare war upon) Mecca itself. Thus, what will be left is the return of true Islam in the land of the Arabs by those Muslims who did not leave to conquer Europe because there is "no compulsion in religion". The Muslims that fought (Syria right now, Yemen as well) the cancer of Saudi/Wahhabi Islam by staying with their own people and striving in the way of God - truth and justice, protection of the innocent.

Have you seen the movie Kingdom of Heaven ? I see you as Balian, fearing that Muslims have come to kill them, and burn them to ashes. But like him, in the end, you will realize that we only bring Peace, and will hapily strive with you to bring it to the world.

I do as well, but from one brother to another... you Muslims need to seriously clean up your act before there will be any trust, let alone partnership, by Europeans or Christians with Muslims and Islam in The West.

This is my dream.

A renewed Christianity, even if not for the whole of Europe and its peoples.

A renewed Islam across the whole of the MENA region.

The END of globalists and there satanic and psychopathic "new world order" and enslavement of Adam, he who Iblis refused to bow to when commanded by Allah due to pride and arrogance.


Swords turned into plow shears.

The end of usury and fiat central banking with the freeing of gold as real money once again.

Christians singing praise to God in rebuilt Catherdrals across Europe.

Muslims answering the call to prayer in unity back in their home lands.

Christians freely attending prayers with Muslims at Mosques.

Muslims freely singing hymns with Christians on Sunday at church.

This is my dream. This is my hope. This is my prayer.

If God, if Allah, so wills it.

If Man, capital M, Christian AND Muslim, choose it.

Strength & Honor


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