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Why Millenial Men Will Bring Back Love Between The Sexes

Men must lead the way in the return to love because women won't.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | March 6, 2017 | 9 minute read

We have to start bringing love back into the equation between men and women. I don't know how we are going to do it, but it has to be done. In the new patriarchy, love will be seen as a masculine trait, not a feminine one. And to everyone's surprise, it will be young millenial men that will bring love back to The West.

Love has been completely deleted from the vocabulary of the Tinder and sex-selfie generation. The sad reality is, I don't think young people have fully embraced and accepted that this state of affairs is not their fault.

Feminism is not your fault.

No-fault divorce is not your fault.

Eye rape is not your fault.

None of the current state of gender delusion and confusion is your fault.

But the rage, the depression, is always just beneath the surface.

The funny thing is, whether you believe in a divine origin of man or not, there seems to be something going on in the background of this newly emerging patriarchal renaissance.

The silent majority.

Not the vocal ones like MGTOW, PUA/GAME and MRA advocates.


I am taking about the silent majority of young men who have taken the Red Pill, processed their rage and decided enough is enough. They are rejecting the culture of hatred and division that The West, and increasingly the world, is devolving into.

They are rejecting a life lived for purely materialistic, sensual and hedonistic pleasure.

They are no longer concerned about the fight against feminism. They are not ignoring feminists and the wrongs they have committed, they are simply no longer letting hatred of feminism drive their lives anymore.

Part and parcel of returning mankind to a state of love is to refute, repudiate and reject all that is false and condemn all those haters that are hell bent at destroying love between men and women. This is why the man-o-sphere sprung into existence. Over the past decade and more, men of all ages have completely eradicated the feminist argument of equality between the sexes. Feminism is dead. As the young men that laid the foundation of the complete refutation of feminism look to the future, they see no place for anger or hatred in their hearts.

It is so easy to hate. So primal. So animal. No wonder the elite trigger it and use it every chance they get to control the masses. To love is to access our higher brain functions of reason, compassion, empathy, tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance. With a world completely disconnected from self-reflection in today’s instant-on society and with a dominant visual medium in communications that engages our lower brain and not our higher one, it is no surprise that hate is spreading like wildfire. A fire that will most likely burn the human race into extinction unless it is put out.

But hate gets tired and old. No man who has any masculine spirit and soul in him wants to feel tired and old.

Love is the only water that can put out the fire of hate.

While many young men today proclaim God to be dead, love is not.

The trouble for the hate spreading elite is simple - a lot of people in The West are beginning to wake up to the nightmare of their emotional, personal and cultural lives. As one infamous blog of yore once articulated it:

“I’d argue that most modern Westerners are erotically autistic, mentally numb to loving their significant others in any deep or lasting fashion. It’s not an instantaneous process, but one that gradually takes hold with every failed relationship and spurned advance.

By the time they’re old enough to drink legally, most people are ruined for life. Erotically autistic women become bitchy, sarcastic careerist nags or cat ladies; men become withdrawn Xbox-playing salami-slappers, beaten-down beta males whose women carry their balls in their purses, or emotionally dead cads.”

Or said another way...

But even with all the forces at work trying to destroy love in what passes for mainstream music and entertainment today, love will return in equal force to that which tries to bring about its end.


Love is infinite.

While many young men and women today may feel there is no hope for the future. That western culture has degenerated past the point of return to any sense of human decency and normalcy. I have hope for the future because I believe in the infinite power of love and our divine purpose for being here.

The Millenials of today are aging. They are growing wiser. They are beginning to discern truth from falsehood, both men and women. They are undoing the degenerate mental conditioning they have been exposed to since childhood that their parents failed to protect them from for the first time in human history - the sense that life is meaningless.

It's not.

Really. It isn't.

Your life has a purpose. You are here for a reason.

And one of those reasons, the biggest reason in fact, is to love.

I know what I am about to say will be hard to believe.

One day... one day... you will meet a girl who truly and deeply loves you for who you are.

Or worse, you will find yourself falling in love with her.

Yes, she may have a "plan" for you.

Yes, you may have tripped into a ditch of terrible one-itis over a "silly broad."

But she may also rush over to your apartment with soup when you are sick as a dog and proceed to Mommy you when it is the last thing you want from her and don't know why she cares so much about you in the first place. And when you find out her Dad has been rushed to the hospital with a severe heart attack, you will find yourself launching out of the office to be by her side. When your boss says he will fire you if you go out the door, your reply will be "I quit." as the door slams behind you.

I think many young men today are starting to come face-to-face with this exact situation.

To continue the Red Pill lifestyle of enjoying the decline and living a life of hedonistic pleasure in pursuit of sex, money, career, freedom and fame?

Or to grow up and learn to love one woman because she brings so much more into his world than any other woman has in the past.

She may even be a shockingly normal, healthy, relatively unscathed female of feminine virtue and ways that you thought no longer existed in The West. She will shatter your theory of a totally corrupt western society and gynocentric woman.

You will begin to see the world is not as bleak as others have made it out to be.

You will begin to see that there are good people, and good women, to be found in this world to love and be loved by. You won’t know what to do with this girl because she is making you feel something you have never felt before. You are going to start to give a shit about her, and when you do that, you are going to start to give a shit about the world you both will be living in.

That is the power of love.

This is why “they” are doing their best to destroy love between men and women every chance they get.

When you have a man and a woman in a committed and loving marriage, with children, they are a force that no state apparatus can ever control or make into slaves.

Try as "they" might, you just can't keep men and women apart and love from springing up between two people when it is meant to be. If we are truly nothing more than a chance Darwinian evolutionary mistake of flesh and bones genetically programmed for procreation, then sex would not be as complicated as it is. We would f@%k like animals with nary a thought of concern for the why. We would just come together, bump in the night, and be off. But it always gets complicated. Either with those pesky things called "emotions" or worse, a total lack of them and the logically following nihilism, despair and depression that comes from sex without any deep emotional connection.

When a girl offers to make you coffee in the morning.

And you offer her your clean clothes before going out for breakfast because hers are trashed.

That, my friends, is love.

So subtle. So simple. So utterly missed by today’s youth.

That is all it takes for love to begin to flourish anew between men and women - simple acts of kindness and thoughtfulness between two human beings.

Despite the nihilism that much of Generation Zero lives in, both men and women, love can and does spring eternal, even today.

You just can’t kill love.

No matter how screwed up western culture gets, there it is - love, on full display, yours for the taking.

All Man has to do is choose it.

I understand the appeal of the nihilist argument, but it fails 100% in trying to live it as a life philosophy. It’s why I feel so alien many days in the world at large. Everyone is blissfully going down the narcissistic, hedonist path, ignoring all the beauty and love available to connect with, surrounding them, forever accessible at any time if they should choose to see more than just themselves and their egos in the mirror in the morning.

That is the choice young men and women face in The West today.

To choose to love all that the world could be, if they want it to be, with those around them.


Choose to hate all that the world has become, that they have had a part in making, and shut everyone and everything out that threatens to prove that nihilistic hate to be a lie.

It is time for young men to man up and become true men in the world.

Men who love and lead love with the women in their lives.

Women will not do it because they are incapable of leading love.

Women don't want to lead a lover. They want to be led by a man who knows how to love.

While women will play their part in the emerging patriarchal renaissance, it will be men that lead The West to become better today than it was yesterday. But they have to choose to do so. Otherwise, the world and The West will be left to Lilith, and we all know where she will take the human race.

Strength & Honor