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Why Western Women Are Boring

Proof that masculinization of western women has turned them into utter bores to most men.

Maximus Decimus Meridius | May 13, 2017 | 16 minute read

Oscar Wilde may have been on to something. Western women have become completely boring to most men in the feminist 21st century. Some women are still in great shape and can get a man's attention just walking within eyesight. Some women are even very capable of holding a conversation should that guy whose eye she caught still actually have any balls between his legs to approach and say hello.

The problem is not a western woman's level of attractiveness or communication, it's much deeper than that.

We all know the key to sexual chemistry is laughter.

Sadly, very few women, and men for that matter, can laugh at all anymore, at anything.

Yannis Pappas is a comedian who in an offstage rant let fly an observation on just what makes a woman really attractive to a man.

A woman's ability to engage a man... mentally.

Women sexually... most of them SUCK! Cause they think... they think it's such a fucking PRIZE to get at their vagina. It's not. You're an animal just like me, you want to fuck just like me, you should have SKILLS just like me.

Why should I learn all these fucking moves to please you and you think that I am supposed to JUST GET OFF FROM YOU BEING NAKED.

"Are you gay, what's wrong with you? Why are you soft?"

CAUSE YOU SUCK!!!! I'm not gay. If I was gay, why am I here with you? I'm not in fucking denial, this is not 1937. If I was gay I'd be fucking some dudes asshole right now.

I'm here with you, can you DO SOMETHING? Instead of laying in the bed like a dead fucking fish!!!

"Are you gay? How come your going soft?"

Maybe because you're gripping it too hard. Why don't you take off your fucking rings. Call an audible. GET IN THE GAME!!! Spit on it. Quarter-back the situation, you know?

"Aren't you turned on? I'm here naked."

No, I feel like I'm in a museum. That's what it feels like. I'm looking at a fucking statue.


Psychology. Ladies, the key to a man's dick is not just blood flow. Aside from the blunt obvious observation that too many Western women think just being naked is enough to give a man an erection, let's dig into the psychology of what is going on in the bedroom between Western men and women today.

All we can really go by, as men, is our own personal experience with women over the course of our lives. In the feminist 21st century West, our experiences so far, naked or fully clothed, is that women have become completely boring.

Now, let's think about that... being called boring... from a woman's perspective for a moment.

When a woman calls a man boring, what does she mean?

Usually it means he has no 'spark', no 'chemistry', no 'allure.'

He has not gone out and developed himself. Picked up and mastered a hobby or sport, started a business, achieved excellence in education or become a leader in his community in some fashion.

All these 'interesting' things define a man who is masculine.

And thus make him 'interesting' to a female.

A man who has adopted a certain view of life and of who he is, based solely on his gender and what being male and a Man, capital M means, in a very stereotypical and patriarchal way.

Masculine men, in short, are NOT boring to women.

Conversely, a boring man is a man with no testosterone, no masculinity.

No drive, no ambition. A limp wet noddle, pardon the pun. I don't know what the equivalent of a "dead fish" would be for a woman describing a man who fails to spark fire in her loins, but if I were to create a term, it would be a spaded dog - a compliant, supplicating, happy-go-lucky pet. A 'man' who has cut off his balls and lost all interest in becoming a Man, capital M, and who instead lives his entire life to try and please others (especially women) and make everyone happy but himself.

I think women, even the masculinized feminist women of the west, would agree with this assessment of many boring western men today. So, considering the effects of feminism on women over the past 50+ years, and in light of the hilarious observations by a comedian who is not afraid to speak his mind about the state of boring women today...

Is it possible that a boring woman to a man is one who is not feminine?

I know that sounds like I am stating the obvious to a Red Pill aware man, but bear with me.

When I googled "what does it mean to be a boring person", I found a couple comments on the topic on girlsaskguys.com.

Here is what two girls had to say.

Boring in my concept is someone That is not interesting... Do the exact same thing, talk about the same things, have a narrow mind... Is to serious can't be funny, I guess That it...A prostitute could be boring and a nun could be fun... Its about personality...

... someone who's dull. they never do anything interesting or have anything interesting to talk about. you don't have fun with them, you can't relate to them. they're too serious and tightly wound. they don't try new things, their life is just stagnant

One guy had this to say.

She has her own group of friends and only sticks with them. Avoids meeting new people. She seems to be the type that you don't see having a great time with. She takes everything way too serious and can't stop be laid back and enjoy life.

What is clear from this quick research is that someone who is NOT boring stands out with their quality of humour/personality and openness to new experiences.

The ability to make the opposite sex laugh and not take life seriously. To step outside your comfort zone or not be afraid to create your own comfort zone no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Feminism in The West has so fucked up gender identity that as Xerxes once opined, "My men have become women and my women, men." Women now... are the go getters. The serious, the aloof, the driven, the achieving, the accomplishing. They are outspoken (even if complete idiots). They are 'confident' (cause the government has their back) and challenge a man on EVERYTHING just to prove she is 'independent' (so long as daddy government is around to rescue her when she fucks up).

Many western women today have become serious, unfeminine, men-with-tits with zero capacity to laugh at themselves or in the company of any man they are with.

Western women are simply too busy being 'busy' and when a man comes into their life, all they want to talk about is... drum roll please... their education, career, travel, food, friends, etc etc. She also makes sure HE knows that SHE knows she is THE SHIT and he should be BEGGING to be with her. They get a degree, they get a corp/gov job, they travel, they hook-up (some even become hookers) and then they go on the hunt for marriage guy. The one she will slot into 'the plan' of a wedding and babies after riding the cock-carousel and sowing their wild oats in their prime, just like men used to do in the age of patriarchy for whom they are now 'equal' with... scratch that... SUPERIOR THAN.

Western women today have become 100% masculine.

Feminism has so completely short circuited the natural feminine instinct (i.e. wife and mother) that they have turned off completely any notion of being submissive, coy, playful, entertaining and sensual when in the presence of men.

Not sexual, SENSUAL.

Playful, not challenging.

Uhhhh.... sorry... where was I? Oh right...

Did you notice Irina Shayk is not naked and has EVERY man's FULL ATTENTION?

Gentlemen, is Irina Shayk an 'interesting' woman you would like to get to know? Is she a woman who is NOT boring to you?

Men want a fun partner in their romantic lives, not their political, social and career equal.

The ability to AROUSE through the mind, the spirt, the personality... not just with your naked body and available hole(s).

The increasing trend of women getting tattoos and piercings is a symptom of women putting all their focus on their bodies to define their sexuality and to attract a man. This applies equally to men as well. Both sexes have become effectively inert because they are now androgynous to one another sexually, in mind and spirt. Which is why many men are finding western women, tattooed and pierced or not, to be utter bores outside AND inside the bedroom.

"Why aren't you hard?"

Baby... I'm not hard because your masculine energy is a COMPLETE TURN OFF!

Not all western women may be a starfish in bed, but the underlying sexual torpor is there. She has the sexy lingerie, the 'sexy' tattoos and piercings, her fuck-me red bottoms, the toned yoga physique... so... he should be hard as a rock and ready to rock right?

On a visual level, absolutely.

But on a spiritual and mental level? Not necessarily.

Any man who has had even limited sexual success with women has noticed that some women are 'sexier' than others once naked (and usually while fully clothed beforehand). To be even more bluntly coarse... some women make us harder, others make us softer.

Ladies, a firm erection is not a given once you are naked.

A sexy body can spring a man to immediate attention, but it won't create the esprit du coeur that makes him want to soldier you but good if the target is just too damn fucking difficult or, simply not worth the effort after reflection on the overal goal of the dance between the sexes - TO HAVE SOME FUCKING FUN!!!

The personality is what ultimately creates and sustains arousal.

Far, far too many western women have the personality, temperament and attitude of a man today. We masculine Men, capital M, are healthy HETEROSEXUAL males. We have no interest in fucking a 'dude' who just happened to be born with tits and pussy.

The 'sexy' part about a woman has NOTHING to do with how hot her body is.

It has EVERYTHING to do with how she trips a man's mental fun switch.

That fun switch is FEMININITY!

Granted, the hotter the body, the quicker the response... INITIALLY... but in PERFORMANCE?

I can personally attest to the fact some women in my life made me last longer because of their femininity... while the masculine types got a softer, and quicker, version of my stupendous man-rod.

Does she act like a girl who knows how to ENTERTAIN and RELAX a man?

Does she ENJOY SEX and take genuine pleasure PLEASING a man, because he IS a man?

Or does she see sex only through HER eyes and ego, as something 'sexy' she 'does' with a guy she is 'hot' for?

Ladies, if you are paying attention, are you beginning to intuit, to sense, the difference I am talking about?

In the patriarchal past, a woman knew she had to entertain a man if she wanted one to even look at her.

To become his friend, his confidant, his partner.

Both inside and outside the bedroom.

She WANTED to please him.

A woman had no shame about feeling that way toward a man and wanting to act that way with him. While not making a man the center of her life, she came very close to it because in the patriarchal age, having a man, getting married and starting a family was the goal of the vast majority of women.

Women looked forward to it. Dreamed about it. PLANNED for it.


Western women want nothing to do with men.

So is it really such a freaking surprise that men want nothing to do with women aside from poking their tattooed and pierced slut hole? (Assuming they can keep an erection long enough to do so that is.)

Women don't want to please men anymore.

They don't want to date men.

They don't want to commit to any man, especially while she is getting her education and career in order first.

Which brings us to the underlying drive and intention of Western women today.

Women want independence now, not love.

And that is truly, truly sad.

This is why so many women are absolutely fine fucking dirt-bag, loser bad boys through college and 'settling' for whatever provider chump comes along when it is time to get married. It's an arrangement. A plan. A cold, calculated and well executed strategy to completely disconnect her emotions from any man that comes into her life.

And that... THAT... the ability to make an emotional connection... is what makes a woman a woman.

What makes her feminine.

Western women today have completely cut the chord of emotions when it comes to the men in their lives - emotions that make them feminine.

I have met a lot of women in my life. A lot of beautiful women. Salsa dancing tends to attract some of the hottest girls on the planet.

But sadly... most of them, especially the Western ones, are boring as fuck.

It's not because they are not well educated or can't converse on many topics. A lot of them can.

It's not because they are not in good shape and are unable to engage a man's eye, entertaining his primal drive for visual pleasure in his mate. Many have T&A hotness in spades.

It's not because they are not funny either, though most are not.

Western women are boring because they are no longer feminine - no emotional and psychological core that desires and wants a man.

When a woman invests her entire emotions and identity in herself, she annihilates her femininity.

When there is no feminine polarity for a man to collide with... the woman... is boring.

Here is a typical example of what I am talking about in case you still just don't get it.

A hyper masculinized feminist western woman, a manly-girl.

Now, here we have a girly-girl. Clearly western, but clearly NOT masculinized (yet).

Remember our quotes above about a boring person?

Which girl is narrow minded?

Which one is too serious to be any fun to be around?

Which girl is 'dull', in the sense that there is no openness to new experiences or perspectives?

Which woman do you think you could actually have a sane, mature and fun conversation with?

Which woman is likely to have a fixed group of friends that never changes?

Which woman is more laid back and relaxed?

Which girl is most likely to be able to simply enjoy life?

Which girl is a lady, by the old-school definition of femininity?

The girly-girl, obviously.

She is the interesting one for me and most men because she has none of the attributes of a boring person.

And when a man says a woman is 'interesting', just like a woman, he means HE IS ATTRACTED TO HER.

If a woman is boring to a man, he is clearly not attracted to her.

Physically attracted? Maybe.

But as a person? As someone he wants to spend actual time with when he is not fucking her? You know... a RELATIONSHIP, what you girls are doing your utmost to avoid at all costs now with every man you meet during your slutty 20s.

This, I think, is what truly defines a woman as boring or not to a man.

An interesting woman to a man is a woman who makes him laugh and engages him as a friend.

Sadly, most western women today have NO CLUE how to engage a man to be his friend or try to entertain him anymore.

So she relies on sexy shoes and short skirts, tattoos and piercings, to try to catch his eye.

She acts like a mannish slut, not a lady, to get him to approach, which ends in only his desire to fuck her, not connect with her.

That is of course if she has not already man-ishly and aggressively made the first move as an 'empowered' and 'independent' woman who will not be slut shamed for going after what she wants.

Doubly sad, most men have accepted this situation and settle for the boring shit sandwich women are feeding them on a daily basis.

Whether you are a guy with good Game laying all these self-absorbed and entitled slut princess' or on the outside being rejected, ALL MEN are being treated as disposable by women now.

How long do you think that will last before men completely revolt?

Sexual polarity. The masculine, the feminine. A Gentleman, a Lady.

That natural polarity, when allowed to flourish, is what keeps us interested in one another. Masculine and feminine energy creates fun good times.

We accept each other and accept our differences because that is what attracts us to one another in the first place and makes life worth living.

That natural gender polarity difference has been lost in the 21st century feminist west.

By both sexes.

The feminist revolt against any gender identity has resulted in a complete and total lack of sexual polarity, and thus attraction, between men and women.

A lot of young people may be fucking today, but they are just sacks of flesh now, not men and women, not human beings.

And I think BOTH sexes are getting tired and bored of it all.

Reclaiming the masculine is one of the goals of the patriarchal renaissance.

My question to any Western woman reading this post is this.

Are you willing to reclaim your femininity?

Do you even want to be women, in the full feminine sense of the word, and ALL that statement implies.

Only time will tell.

But time is running out for the western feminist woman.

Men are not waiting around for women to become feminine again, they are going where the feminine ladies can easily and readily be found.

Strength & Honor

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