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Will Marvel & Star Wars Fans Save The West?

Maximus Decimus Meridius | August 6, 2018 | 17 minute read

I have a confession to make. I'm a geek and gamer, just not a hardcore one. I collected Marvel comics in my teens up to mid 20s and any guy with balls between his legs loves Star Wars on some level. Recently I bought a PS4 and I'm currently loving Rise Of The Tomb Raider as I patiently wait for fall to dive into the totally badass relaunch of God Of War.

I can see the eyeballs rolling already.

"Comics geeks? Star Wars nerds? The masculine Red Pill is about purging this shit, not embracing it. None of these soy boy virgin losers are going to save The West."

Ok... let me ask you this.

Where is the real culture war being fought?

Is it the political war between Red Pill chad/conservative/ethnostate nationalists and their cucked leftist/feminist enemies?

Or is it in the entertainment war that has been raging for the past decade, especially since Disney bought both Marvel and Lucasfilm?

If politics is downstream from culture, fanboys are the elite strike force behind enemy lines.

There is a little hero in each and every one of us, man or woman. The globalist assault on geek culture is an assault on fundamental archetypes and truths.

Cis-normative heterosexuality.

Masculine men.

Feminine women.

Each gender embracing their polarized role and specific strengths, amplified and multiplied to infinity in the fantasy universe of comics and games.

Add to this alchemy of nerd-dom the absolute necessity of a Manichaean battle between pure good and ultimate evil and you have a globalist's worst nightmare; a bunch of boys (and grown men) with a hard-on for hot babes and fighting bad guys wherever you find them.

While many may think the real battle for The West is in politics and the political gender war (i.e. Trump & Red Pill/MGTOW), it is western entertainment (i.e. the stories that remind us who we are) that has been under merciless assault by globalists for destruction for decades. Comics and games are were the last refuge of escape for young boys (and old dudes) with some kind of sense of testosterone and masculinity (and hot babes!) between their legs. As long as those nerd boys had no real impact on the mainstream of western culture that globalists controlled lock, stock and barrel, they were ignored.

But along came a Spider in 2002.

Then a Bat in 2005.

And finally, an Iron Man in 2008.

Comics - especially Marvel & DC - are dominating Hollywood because they are The West's (the Americas) gods and goddesses, our own invented mythology that teaches the ethos of what The West represents.

Freedom. Liberty.

Truth & justice.

Love (heterosexual that is).

The celebration of healthy male & female bodies. High testosterone men and uber-feminine women (or at one time at least). The good guy always wins. The bad guy always gets it in the end. And finally... there is always a good and bad guy. Comics are a world where the grey zone of moral relativity simply does not exist.

While the new 'alpha males' of The West were swallowing the Red Pill and gaming girls trying to get their online side hustle up and running to live the life of an "independent" digital nomad, those basement dwelling virgins created a multibillion dollar industry monster that began to threaten the crack cocaine of globalist mind control and propaganda over the values and attitudes of western society - Hollywood.

“Nowadays the video game industry is bigger than Hollywood, it’s bigger than the music industry and it still gets no respect,” says Harris.

How the video game industry became bigger than movies and music

The value of the video game market in the US is $18.4 capital B Billion dollars. When you consider that Disney picked up both Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm for a mere $8 billion & change (approx $4b a piece), that should give you an idea why games and movies around comics and other geek culture brands are now such a big deal for globalists to get under narrative control.

Boohoo for globalists, they don't control the free internet (yet) and those sad, virgin loser geeks are actually fighting back.

The barber asks me what I do for a living.

I say, "I film comic books on my crotch and leave people on suicide watch!"

I'm going to introduce my readers to a battle (if you don't already know) that is raging napalm-hot in the ignored sphere of comic book geeks and Star Wars nerds.

The above is from Richard Meyer's Diversity & Comics YouTube Channel. He is, in my opinion, the tip of the spear to save Marvel and comics in general from complete feminist/SJW destruction. The above video is exactly how you attack the enemy and win this war - with humour. When we are able to make liberals, feminists and SJWs look like complete laughing stock clowns, no one will pay attention to their virtue signalling screams of 'outrage' over anything anymore.

This video meme was slapped together to lampoon the interview hatchet job that was Meyer's appearance on the Jim Jefferies Show for Comedy Central, which Meyer sat down for in order for the enemy to make a fool of themselves. He was asked to come on the show to address his bigoted, racist, Nazi, misogynist views of the current crop of Marvel COMICS pros (the SJW writers & artists now running the joint)... not the movies (but that is coming soon). If you do not know, Marvel is no longer The House Of Ideas. All that is left of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's creation can be found in the original Marvel Studio films (think Toby Maguire's Spiderman trilogy) before Disney bought it to do the same SJW hatchet job done on Star Wars to every single Marvel character Stan & Jack ever created.

Spiderman became a Latino kid named Miles Morales.

Thor was made "unworthy" to wield the hammer, so it was given to his blonde ex-girlfriend.

Iron Man's Tony Stark was replaced with a Black Lives Matter, borderline-narcisistic-psychopath African American SJW.

Wolverine was killed off to make way for his 2-bladed daughter that wants to cancel men.

And Iceman of the X-MEN was turned gay because of ONE LINE of "ewwwwing" cootie girls as a very young teenager. Can't find the direct link that explains this but at some point in his young past, Bobby said he did not like girls so... that makes him gay despite actually having a long story arc of heterosexual orientation. This was a big deal to the globalist media as well.

Have you been enjoying the Marvel hero movies? Bad ass Robert Downey's Iron Man? Super-hunk Chris Hemsworth's Thor?

Well... have I got news for you!

Do you know what the future of the MCU is going to be?

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says that one day soon there will be more female superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than male superheroes. It has been 10 years since the MCU launched with Jon Favreau's Iron Man - and it looks like it will start to head in a new direction following next year's Captain Marvel.

Exclusive: MCU Will Soon Have More Female Heroes Than Male Heroes

Which brings me to another YouTube channel and a comic book artist of some 25 years... and a Star Wars fan.

I've been watching Ethan Van Sciver absolutely roast the lastest Star Wars outing appropriately called Soylo - A Soy Wars Story. Now it seems Disney is in panic mode as CEO Bob Iger recently had a three way conference call with PIXAR, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm about WTF went wrong with Star Wars after SOLO completely bombed at the box office.

There's no sugarcoating the fact that Solo's numbers aren't pretty. In 12 days of release, the film has earned just $155.9 million domestically and $271.3 million worldwide. At one point, it was supposed to gross $170 million Stateside in its first four days.

Solo will now have an uphill climb to reach $250 million for its U.S. total and is expected to earn only $400 million worldwide. When it's all said and done, it'll put Disney at least $50 million in the red, depending on how home media, TV rights sales, and other revenue sources pan out.

This is hardly what Lucasfilm had in mind when they green lit a movie centering around one of the franchise's most popular characters (admittedly, with a new actor in the role).

Solo Is The First Star Wars Box Office Failure

You read that correctly.

A Star Wars movie... bombed.

And super-fan-die-hard-worshippers-of-the-force all over the comments on any platform are saying, repeatedly and with venomous bile (especially after The Last Jedi shit-fest)... "I'm no longer interested in Star Wars."

Remember... these are just a bunch of "geeks and nerds" right? What power and authority could they possibly posses to help win the battle for The West's survival?

Do you know of a single Red Pill 'alpha male' guru or alt/dissident right political pundit that has forced a $150 billion dollar global empire to a conference call about the future of three IPs purchased for just over $15 billion?

That... is power you cannot buy.

When you can force a global empire worth billions to bring the heads of not one, not two, but THREE major movie studios to hear the riot act read to them about what the fuck they are doing wrong with over $15 billion in IP and future revenue on the line... you know you have some clout.

Globalist feminist/progressives have attempted to invade a male dominated domain of the most rejected and uncool kids of high school. A domain they escaped to from the "cool kids" to simply enjoy life by jumping into fantasy on a more permanent basis. We all do it from time to time. If you've watched even one movie, you've had a desire to escape your life. The only difference between the casual fan and the hardcore is the latter makes escape more a part of their life & lifestyle than most. And let's face it, who does not want to escape the reality of The West today?

But why do we want to escape? And what do we want to escape to?

By taking on comics & games, the world of male geeks & nerds, globalists have taken on a genre of entertainment whose success and appeal is rooted in a hyper-reality of hard core gender stereotypes, roles and aesthetics.

No one goes to the movies, buys comics, or plays video games to see ugly & fat men and women slap their flabby, obese bodies together in romantic subplots (assuming a cis-normative sexual orientation of course) while fighting aliens, zombies or the hero's archetypal antithesis enemy. Entertainment, especially comics and video games, have always been about the ideal archetypes of both men and women. Truth and justice, good and evil, hard muscles and big boobs. Now globalists are trying to:

  • replace all strong and masculine lead male characters with female versions (see Ghostbusters)
  • reduce men to supporting roles underneath women as helpless, incompetent fools good only for comedic relief (see TERMINATOR: GENYSIS)
  • push women into the role of the masculine mythological archetype (see The Last Jedi)
  • reverse/short-circuit the polarity of men and women by banning all overt heterosexual orientation and displays (see Thor Raganarok)
  • replace all white/European faces with a "diverse" cast (i.e. anyone who is not white, unless you are a female, preferably blonde) for every single staple character of historic note that represents an iconic western motif/myth ever created for our own stories about ourselves (last Jedi again)

In short... they are trying to do the exact opposite of what makes comics and games appeal to... drum role please... white male geeks and nerds in the first place.

Is this strategy working?

Hmmm... methinks not.

Methinks this is why Bob Iger demanded that conference call where PIXAR and Marvel Studios were only allowed to listen in to the grilling conversation being had with Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy about her head being cut off getting the $4B Star Wars IP back on track and profitable again.

Yes... how to return a Star Wars movie to profitability.

This is the power of geeks and their hobbies when messed with.

Think I am joking?

You're going to lose your shit when I suggest that after Donald Trump...

The 2nd most viciously attacked persona of the culture war is NOT Red Pill PUAs or MGTOW incels, nor the political ethnostate/white nationalist sperg army of shadowbanned anons on Twitter.... but Star Wars fans.

When you search for "star wars fans"... this a sampling of the entire first page of Google.

The Guardian - Why are (some) Star Wars fans so toxic?

WIRED - Star Wars and the Battle of the Ever-More-Toxic Fan Culture

IndieWire - Did ‘The Last Jedi’ Ruin Your Childhood? James Gunn Tells Angry ‘Star Wars’ Fans to ‘Go to Therapy’

FORBES - How Toxic 'Star Wars' Fans Are Hurting 'Star Wars'

The Mary Sue - Let’s Talk About the Destructive Toxicity of Star Wars Fans (Not on the first page, but you get the idea now I'm sure.)

If a bunch of fans can actually get a major movie studio to return to primarily European heterosexual norms and moral truth telling in its plots and character development... the globalists will have lost.

Either Bob Iger wants Disney to return to making money in the future... or he will be at the helm of the largest entertainment industry bankruptcy in Hollywood's history.

As I have written before on the celebration of the genocide and displacement of the entire European race that was Thor: Ragnarok... stories are all a people have.

You can remove a people from their lands, try to eradicate their history, corrupt their children and government... but as long as they have stories to tell them who they are and what they stand for... they can't be defeated.

Now that comics and gaming (i.e. geek culture) has completely overtaken Hollywood, globalists have to blitzkrieg decades of elevation of hyper-masculinity (truth, justice & hot babes) in comics and games in just a couple of years.

You can't have Captain America actually be Captain America... he has to be a Hydra agent Nazi.

When they first turned Cap into a Nazi, I had the same reaction as the rest of the comic book community and gave Marvel the benefit of the doubt. It was just a plotline, I argued with them. They're just trying to make good and interesting stories.

But then after reading Nick Spencer's tweets, him being a HUGE Hilary supporter, and how much they HATE the right and Trump in the comics, I now know they didn't do it to make a good story.

They made it because they hate what Cap stood for, and it was Americans nationalism.

They did that shit on purpose, not to make a good story, but in hatred for the character. It's fucking disgusting. I'm Hispanic and a woman. Perhaps they'll hire me to write Cap? You think I have a chance?

This was a comment to the video in that Hydra-agent-Nazi link above.

This is why Disney has bought Marvel, Lucasfilm and soon 20th Century Fox (for the X-MEN and Fantastic Four franchise).

Disney - that is globalists - want to be able to control the entire story of The West.

It's why they hate Trump so much. He has completely destroyed the control they had with the legacy news media.

With private entertainment entrepreneurs emerging on YouTube as future potential creative movie & TV professionals and blogs becoming the go-to source for new authors & writers, control of The West's entertainment story is slowly, but surely, slipping out of globalist's hands exactly as they lost the political propaganda narrative to "fake news."

Remember what Uncle Ethan said was Disney's big problem with Ted Turner's ownership of streaming rights to the original six Star Wars movies?

The future of entertainment media is streaming video services because:

a) no one has the money to buy tickets, blurays or merchandise for studios to make profit along the lines of the old model (i.e. we create/market it... you choose to buy it or not)

b) no one wants to watch the new crap being put out by feminist/LGBT/SJW Hollywood and legacy media corps like Disney (Marvel & Lucasfilm).

thus leading the studios to contemplate...

c) the only profit model left when no one wants to buy your crap (i.e. cord cutting)... is to force them to "subscribe" to get the old GOOD stuff so you can slip-in the crap no one wants on the same monthly payment (cause lets face it, monthly payments are all most can budget with anymore having zero disposable income to "save" for a "purchase").

A large majority of the content streaming being done is of old content... i.e. TV shows and movies that don't suck. Just yesterday, I watched the VINTAGE channel that was on in the gym. Nothing but old 1980s Much Music music videos. I would love to be able to watch old re-runs of Samantha Fox music vids.

We are subscribing to Netflix & HULU to actually watch OLD entertainment - i.e. European/western centric heterosexual storylines with a simple (and family friendly) moral/comedic theme that is not race, gender or LGBT propaganda.

If legacy entertainment corps monopolize streaming services...

And start to push hard the new crap...

While also removing the old good content over time which is the only reason a large majority are subscribing/cord cutting...

What happens to a media company like Disney who places all their eggs in streaming content that no one wants to watch?

You think Disney wants the rights to the original Lucas 6 Star Wars films to bring eyeballs to their exclusive streaming service? How much you want to bet Disney will pull the original 6 completely from streaming AND purchase (i.e. no more Bluray or DVDs on Amazon) because they no longer fit the narrative of diversity and globalism?

There are few corporate blunders as staggering as Kodak’s missed opportunities in digital photography, a technology that it invented. This strategic failure was the direct cause of Kodak’s decades-long decline as digital photography destroyed its film-based business model.

FORBES - How Kodak Failed

A strategic failure.

From a decades long decline.

Due to a change in technology (culture?) that destroyed the fundamentals of a company's entire business model.

I'm going to make a prophesy.

If Disney (and the entire $18 billion gaming industry) continue down this SJW/feminist liberal path of gender/race/LGBT progressivism as the future foundation of profit and new entertainment IPs... you can replace Kodak with Disney in the above quote in less than a decade.

No one... wants to watch this shit.

Thor: Ragnarok's huge box office success for Marvel was a combination of the comics culture changing in its tastes (liberal/progressive hipsters are in, trad-con/chad Gen X is out) but also a retaining of the slimmist of slivers of heterosexuality (Chris Hemsworth) and the fight against evil (i.e. a moral plot theme/character development). Hemsworth's triceps and this scene...

48 seconds.

48 seconds is all that is standing between the MCU and it's complete financial ruin.

If the attempt to replace Captain America AND Iron man as the top IP anchors of the entire Marvel cinematic AND comic universe with Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel is actually a real creative and strategic directive and direction at Marvel Studios...

Comic book geeks and Star Wars nerds will go down in history as the force that bankrupted Disney... by simply keeping their money in their wallets.

And where Disney goes... so goes the culture war and the fate of The West.

I know your laughing right now.

The MSM used to laugh at Trump's fake news tweets too.

Where is mainstream news now?

Strength & Honor


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