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World War III & Civil War In America

Maximus Decimus Meridius | April 14, 2018 | 12 minute read

History will record that the official start date of World War III and America's 2nd civil war was April 13th, 2018. Anyone who thinks America, Israel and NATO are still fighting a "proxy" war in Syria is dangerously deluded. Any Trump supporter who thinks America can be made great again without a real fight, is similarly dreaming.

American, British and French missile strikes on Syria, after Israel conducted its own strikes earlier, based on the complete hoax and lie of Assad using chemical weapons on his own people as he was about to win the war in Syria and Trump declared America was pulling out, was a line of agression that was repeatedly warned - do not cross. Putin and Russia made it crystal clear.

Do not do this. Do not open this Pandora's box. Do not usher in the end of your people and way of life, possibly for the whole of humanity.

The West is ruled by complete psychopaths.

Is Trump one of them?

No. I don't think so.

Donald Trump is probably the single greatest orator The West has had since Churchill or Kennedy.

There is nothing in that speech that does not absolutely drip with the blood, sweat and tears of a true patriot who knows, absolutely knows, who America's real enemies are.

But Trump is just one man. His 'friends', America's "greatest ally in the Middle East", has him by the balls. Between Stormy Daniels (trumped up or not) and the raid on his personal lawyers office, the deep state globalists are tightening the screws as hard and as fast as they can. They have to. They know if Trump is allowed to keep winning for America, it is the end of their last power base embedded as a virus within a now fast collapsing world power and empire.

This is the problem you see. They... have no friends outside of The West. Russia. China. Iran. The whole of the Indian subcontinent and Asia. None of these countries, or people, will work with them. They have only been able to get away with their satanic plans for the past 500 years or more because they embedded themselves within a sympathetic peoples and culture. First it was Rome, then Britain (could have also been France if the other bankrolled player, Napoleon, had won Waterloo), then America with the eventual establishment of their beach head in 1913 and the US Federal Reserve Act after a small road bump in 1776.

With proud Russia gutted under Communism and it's entrails spread around for feasting on, globalists had nothing to fear of weak and pathetic Eurasian Slavs.

China? The yellow man? Billions of people living in poverty. It's Communist government under complete control of dissent and the economy, willing to enter into any deal to improve it's financial status and with a military that has never truly threatened any power in the world, only ever been invaded and occupied by others.

What was there to fear? Where else did they need to move to in order to continue their power & control game with the next great empire? America was the end of the game. Victory was now a matter of when, not if, a simple matter of time and judicious planning.

Sadly for globalists, a quiet man of few words came onto the world stage in the late 1990s, soon to become Russia's next president.

On 31 December 1999, Yeltsin unexpectedly resigned and, according to the Constitution of Russia, Putin became Acting President of the Russian Federation. On assuming this role, Putin went on a previously scheduled visit to Russian troops in Chechnya.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin - Wikipedia

Meanwhile in China, the Chinese were doing far more than simply liberalizing the Communist economy with a sprinkling of Capitalism under government control. They were lifting millions of Chinese out of poverty and creating their own middle class based on the industrial and manufacturing base that America outsourced to them.

And it's military has, like Russia, advanced along with both countries rising economic and political futures.

When you believe yourself to be superior to other nations and base your own strength and power on corruption and the fear of war, don't be surprised when nations who focus on the economy, prosperity and security rise to break free of your control and lose all fear of you.

This is what is playing out in Syria right now. Yes, oil, the survival of the US$ as world reserve currency (and thus the USA itself), etc is all at play.

The truth of the matter is this: the war that is now underway is about control.

Who will have it?

Us or them?

The worst apprehensions have come true. Our warnings have been left unheard.

A pre-designed scenario is being implemented. Again, we are being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences.

All responsibility for them rests with Washington, London and Paris.

Insulting the President of Russia is unacceptable and inadmissible.

The U.S. – the possessor of the biggest arsenal of chemical weapons – has no moral right to blame other countries.

Russian Ambassador Anataloy Antonov via Zerohedge

There have been some calls for calm, to wait and see just what these strikes actually did, if anything. Perhaps this is just another show of force and a giant nothing burger.


We have no facts. Some reports say that the USA attacked, other that it was Israel or even France. The truth is that we won’t know for sure for at least 24 hours. Whoever attacked will present that as a huge success. Don’t believe it! The last time around it took several days to find out what really happened.

The Saker - Missile strikes on Syria tonight: do not rush to conclusions

Well, we do know the results now, direct from the Russians themselves.

  • none of the major airbases were seriously affected
  • no SAA causalities or military infrastructure incapacitated to any degree to prevent Assad from finishing his fight to secure Syria for Syrians
  • apparently, only 34 of 105 missiles actually hitting their targets (no French missiles at all)
  • the others were intercepted by Syrian air defence with older Russian technology
  • the strike has shown the clear superiority of Russian missile defence systems for which the Russian MIC could not have asked for a better advertisement for future sales
  • Assad may now be getting S-300/400's from Russia in light of this attack
  • The West looks like a complete fucking asshole for striking a sovereign nation before the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) could even get on the ground to assess the evidence for or against any chemical weapons use

Well, that sounds pretty good. Why rush to call WWIII on and civil war coming to America?

What did the Chinese have to say about this strike?

Meanwhile, China was less diplomatic and shortly after the strikes began, Beijing voiced opposition to US-led air strikes against Syrian military targets on Saturday and called for talks, adding that the Western operation had complicated efforts to find a solution to the crisis.

"Any unilateral military action violates the United Nations charter and its principles and international law and its principles. [The strikes] are also going to add more factors to complicate the resolution of the Syrian crisis," Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said in a statement on Saturday afternoon.

Zerohedge- China Slams Syrian Airstrikes As Germany And Italy Refuse To Participate

That article also cites US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis as saying "Right now this is a one-time shot."

Fair enough. That said, I want you to take in all the above. I want you to put yourself in both Russia and China's shoes. What are Putin and Xi discussing right now about these strikes.

  • America, Britain and France, the entire West, has no dog in this fight in Syria, or elsewhere in the ME
  • the only nation who is threatened in any conceivable way by Syria or Iran is Israel
  • they have tried once again to use a fake chemical weapons false flag to instill fear and demonize the Assad "regime" as "animals", much like they did Germans and the atrocity of the holocaust, to inspire the most irrational and emotional of reactions by western peoples to go to war once again
  • no westerner believes these chemical attack claims except the Clinton/liberal left and the neo-con/McCaine/Bolton right, all in Israel's financial $$$ pocket for decades.
  • if Israel can get three of The West's historical colonial world powers to literally shoot missiles at a sovereign nation like pulling the strings of a puppet...
  • based on zero evidence...
  • when even France/Macron had asked for proof before getting a phone call and being told to get back on the fucking train to war...
  • when the European power with the most influence on The West culturally (being the eastern brothers of Europe) Russia made this latest war mongering about an attack on "animal" Assad an absolutely clear red line that will lead to serious repercussion and consequences...
  • after demonstrating that Russia's intervention in Syria in 2015 changed the game and has established, unequivocally, that the "game" is now being played by different rules and the loser (USA/Isreal) needs to accept the facts on the ground...
  • and move on and accept that whatever "greater" plan/strategy they had for the Middle East is simply not going to happen...
  • and it is in the worlds best interest if everyone just goes about going back to commerce, negotiation and adherence to international law...
  • we get the most blatant, naked military agression toward starting a nuclear war with Russia (and thus China) and literally SPITTING in the face of every warning not to do so...

If after ALL of that you think Russia and China are just going to sit back and go "Oh, you arrogant Americans are sooooo annoying! Now don't do that again."

War is upon them, whether Russia or China would risk it or not.

Both Russia & China have been given an answer to their proposal for peace - Israel says no.

As for Trump, while I can appreciate that perhaps this was another token, if larger scale, nothing burger of an attack, it still sent the message Israel wanted to send. Russia and China are now preparing for full scale war. Just because we don't have massive troop movements, or reports of large scale air raids and battles, does not mean war is not being waged. If you are measuring the times by the year 1939, you are forgetting this is the 21st century and war wears the face of it's time and place.

Much to globalist frustrations, they simply cannot wage open nation-on-nation war anymore. Look at how much time Trump gave to clear the airspace over Syria of civilian flight paths. There was no commercial aviation industry to speak of prior to the start of WWII. The linkages of trade and commerce are now so closely enmeshed that if a real shooting war (return fire on both sides) opens up, the entire global control grid will come crashing down around globalists heads.

Secondly, if a shooting war were to start, it would last no more than a week if nuclear, a month if conventional. The technology of destruction is now so fast and absolute, that both sides are inching toward what they both know WWIII will be - a single exchange, most likely nuclear, and the hope the other guy gets blown up first.

This is what Russia & China are now planning - a single, large, retaliatory strike of a REAL red line of there choosing.

While The West continues on in its deluded narcissism and psychopathy of invincibility and the 'fear' they believe their enemies feel toward them, our 'enemies' are instead laying down the protocols, the strategies and the plans for the final war to end all wars. This will include wiping out Israel. I have no doubt of this, which is why Israel is being so brazen and beating it's chest in any attempt to hold the fear narrative that they, with their western lapdogs, have the real hammer - a first strike of their own.

As for civil war in America, here are my thoughts.

If Trump does not roll out full scale arrest and trial of all swamp creatures by the end of 2018, he will have failed and civil war will be the only path to reclaiming the Republic.

God forbid he actually goes along with another Syrian attack in case of another "chemical weapons atrocity" committed by the "animal" Assad.

This is my last remaining hope for Trump. Was this strike just another step in appeasement and containment of Israel? Give the rabid war dog a bone and hope he gets another year to drain the swamp?

Because if Trump does not move on his enemies, right now, he will never be able to. Worst case, he was never going to.

Make no mistake America, if Donald Trump is your last hope, this strike may very well be the signal that hope is now extinguished.

Trump had every reason to back down. Every reason to delay. Every reason to frustrate the efforts of the damned to plunge the world into total nuclear annihilation.

Yes, his family. Yes, his business. Yes... nothing.

Trump MUST move on globalists and the deep state in 2018.

If he does not... prepare accordingly America and the world.

God help us all.

Strength & Honor


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